Jacob McArthur Mooney

Don't be Interesting: poems

(McClelland & Stewart, 2016)

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"It's a fascinating concept, and one that allows Mooney to range over a broad array of subject matter...Mooney’s book is full of such artful, intelligent decisions."-Mark Callanan, Quill & Quire *Starred Review*

"Confident and crafted, always digging to some new depth, Mooney’s poems fascinate and delight."- Jonathan Ball, Winnipeg Free Press

Folk: poems

(McClelland & Stewart, 2011)
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Finalist for the Trillium Book Award in Poetry
Finalist for the Dylan Thomas Memorial Prize
Second Prize, Alcuin Book Design Awards (Leah Springate, Designer)

"Folk is a complex journey of retrieval that acts not only as a bridge to the past but as a kind of inventory of the past. It asserts itself as a poetry collection to be remembered by folks far and wide."- Adebe DeRango-Adem, Quill & Quire

"His poems are subtle and intelligent, with a wry brand of tenderness, his humour sparking with a Generation Y refusal of full-on Gen-X ironic distance. Folk is timely, an important lyric inquiry into our most mundane and most charged boundaries of community."-Sonnet l'Abbe, The Globe and Mail.

"Folk is a book about self and the other, not only an excellent work, it is an important work. With big ideas and microscopic detail, Stevie Howell, Arc

"With his second collection, Jacob McArthur Mooney proves himself capable of drawing unexpected connections across far-flung intellectual terrain, and of telling a good yarn without sacrificing linguistic interest. His work will be equally compelling to writers and non-writers alike." -Suzannah Showler, The Bull Calf

"Airy and acute  Folk is an excellent sophomore collection." -Michael Lista, The National Post

The New Layman's Almanac: poems
(McClelland & Stewart, 2008)
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“A rollicking debut from a young enthusiast with some of Walt Whitman’s beaming sincerity. . . . Mooney takes authentic and big literary risks, by exploring sincere emotionality, genuine political belief and considered poetic experiment. . . . This is Canada speaking, loud, clear, quirky and unashamed to be itself. This is surely one of the most audacious and fresh poetic debuts of the new Canadian century.” -Todd Swift, The Globe and Mail